Due to the confidential nature of coaching, the following testimonials kindly given have first names only.

The coaching session with Sarah was an amazing help when starting out my new franchise venture. All the various setup activities were building up and becoming stressful, which I didn't realise until after the coaching session when I felt much better. Sarah was able to help me focus and prioritise the essential activities needing my attention, giving me more confidence about the business  journey I was starting on. The coaching session was very relaxed and professional. I was happy to come away with a positive outcome and plan of action. I felt very ready to take on what lay ahead. Rebekah, Education and child development franchise.


I was at a point in my career where I felt I had hit a plateaux and needed to make some changes to move forward. Sarah helped me to reflect on what my priorities and motivations are, and through the sessions I was able to put in place an action plan to help me move forward. As well as that, she helped me become more aware of the barriers I was creating for myself, and this has ultimately helped improve my confidence and self image. The sessions have worked - I recently accepted a promotion to a senior management position. Sarah is easy to talk to, positive and supportive, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who may also find themselves at a similar cross-roads in their lives. Emma, Senior Manager, International Insurance.

I was stuck in a rut when I met with Sarah, I was short on career inspiration and having suffered a loss of a loved one a couple years before, I lacked the direction and understanding to start to focus on what I wanted to get out of life. The coaching sessions really helped me to identify what my true work / life priorities were, as well as starting to build goals in other areas of my life, mainly by breaking them down into manageable segments.

The sessions also helped with my confidence and motivation in taking my ideas successfully forward. It enabled me to break down, what had become this hectic uncontrollable existence, into 6 simple segments that I could focus on and assess. This enabled me to take control of each part of my life, bit by bit, in the order I felt necessary after evaluating each part separately.

Sarah is a supportive and motivational coach and very easy to work with. She is empathetic to personal goals and is the perfect guide when life hits all at once. I cannot recommend a better person. Sharon, Underwriter, Insurance.



I found Sarah to be extremely helpful in guiding me through some challenges I was facing with my business. She listened attentively and helped me to talk through each issue. Her patient and understanding nature enabled me to speak freely during sessions and with her help I was able to create a set of targets to be revisited as the business developed.  She was able to untangle some deep desires for both myself and my business which refocused my efforts and renewed my energy. If you find yourself at a crossroads, I would highly recommend Sarah as a coach for either personal or business coaching. Helen, Early Years Education Teacher and Business Owner. 



I sought Sarah’s help as a life coach due to concerns regarding my dietary habits and health in general. Being someone who’s not usually keen on speaking about myself for any length of time I was quite anxious at first but Sarah created a relaxed and friendly environment which made the discussions fluid and calm. We met for three sessions and her guidance of the conversations led to plenty of achievable adjustments that I could apply to my lifestyle to help reduce my undesirable habits. Victoria, Asset Management.



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