How coaching Helps

Here are a few examples of how as your Coach I could help you

Addressing causes of frustration or dissatisfaction in life

You may have feelings of dissatisfaction or frustration with your life that are underlying or possibly all consuming? It may be related to a specific area of your life such as your job, or a relationship, or you might not even understand what specifically is causing this feeling, but when you are experiencing this everyday it starts to define you, and it can overwhelm you.

Life coaching can help by firstly breaking down the different elements of your life and exploring them closely with you; it can illuminate exactly the where those feelings of dissatisfaction lie and the reasons why, so you can find a positive way forward. At the same time it can also help you focus on all the other positive elements in your life, some of which might be taking a back seat and need more attention. This can help prevent you feeling defined by what is currently wrong and recognise that it is temporary and changeable. Once you can understand and accept ‘what is ’, you can positively and constructively identify ‘what can be’ and be energised and mobilised into fulfilling  new aspirations. 

Taking that leap into starting up a business

Whether you are currently working for someone else but have a desire to go it alone on your own terms; or a fulltime mum who feels ready to take the leap into self-employment, an entrepreneur with a great idea, or someone who has a business but feels ready to take it to the next level. Working with a coach can help you identify your real business interests and aspirations and move from procrastination to action. As your coach I can help you to focus on your strengths and weaknesses and develop them; whilst working with you to formulate achievable time-framed goals towards reaching your end business vision. In sessions I  will help you identify the resources you will need to achieve your definition of success, and provide support, a sounding board and confidence building for you to take that leap which can sometimes seem huge and intimidating.

Progressing in your career

You may be in a position where you want to progress further in your career but you feel unsure about what is holding you back, or feel unsure what your options are. Working with a coach will help you explore what could be blocking you from moving forward and help identify and develop the areas where your skills or confidence may need to grow in order to achieve your identified career goals; enabling you to develop a personalised career roadmap.


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