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Welcome, my name is Sarah Eaglestone I am a qualified Life and Executive Coach offering one to one personal coaching in Brighton. If you are thinking about having coaching, but wondering what coaching is really all about and how it might benefit you? Then here are some common topics people seek coaching for:

  • Dealing with a sudden change in circumstances either in life, relationships, or at work

  • Redefining life roles such as transition into motherhood or retirement

  • A desire for change

  • Progressing in your career, building confidence

  • Feelings of stuckness or procrastination

  • Working on areas of dissatisfaction or frustration in life, or at work

  • Finding more fulfillment

  • Achieving a better work life balance

  • Achieving better health and well-being

  • Working on specific performance goals at work

  • Starting up a business



I see the relationship between client and coach as being the most important agent for raising a person's awareness of their current situation and helping them in their desired area of change, or personal development. It is therefore important for us to have rapport and trust.


I always work to establish a safe, honest, and positive space for open discussion and the exploration of ideas. Where you will receive support in letting go of old ways that no longer serve you; along with the encouragement and confidence to try out new ways of being to achieve greater success and fulfillment.

Life coaching and Executive Coaching works from the premise that the YOU are your own best expert and as your Coach I am here to help you identify that personal expertise, not to instruct you. Therefore I am happy to work with clients on any areas where you may feel you are not reaching your full potential either in your personal or work life.  

How I work

It is important to say that Coaching is not the same as Counselling or Psychotherapy and I am very conscious not to cross professional boundaries. 


Sarah Eaglestone


Brighton and Hove


Tel: 07974263251

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